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Below is a List of FREE Webhosting Services (completely FREE, NO Advertisments or banners required). This list is constantly changing. These hosts can be used to test your pages or host them at no charge to you.

We recommend purchasing a hosting service to get quality results with your website. You may purchase a quality hosting service for only $4.95 a month here: True Webhosting. But we have provided this list for you as a free and helpful service.

Free Web Hosts


Bravenet, well-known for their free Script Hosting facilities, has now gone into free web hosting as well. They offer 100MB of web space, a Site Editor, FTP access, 600MB traffic per month (20MB max per day), and Midi files are allowed. Banner ads are posted on your sites.


This web host offers 30 MB of disk space and 1000 MB of traffic. Although they advertise as providing you a subdomain, they actually only provide you with a URL like www.free30.com/yourname. Likewise, it does not look like they provide statistics and logs, contrary to what is advertised. You have to upload your site using your web browser. The owner is probably non-English speaking, since most of the content on the site is incomprehensible (it uses English words, even in its Terms of Service, but the sentences don't make sense).


This free web host offers 50MB of disk space, "unlimited bandwidth", a subdomain name like yoursite.web1000.com, FTP access, and some preinstalled CGI scripts like a forum script, counter script, a form mailer, and a toplist script. You cannot install your own CGI scripts. The host puts an ad-footer (apparently a text link) at the bottom of your site.

FateBack Free Web Host

FateBack provides your site with 60MB space, unlimited bandwidth, FTP access, a web based file manager, a free POP3 email account, and a subdomain name. It places banner ads on your account.

ababa Free Hosting

You get 15 MB of disk space, 1 GB of data transfer, SSI and instant account activation with this web host. The host does not put advertisements on your site. You have to upload your files using their web interface.

Prohosting Free Web Hosting

You get Perl CGI access, Server Side Includes (SSI), 50MB of web space, the ability to configure the server using the .htaccess file (eg to password protect directories, define your own 404 File Not Found pages, etc). The reliability of this web host appears to depend on which web server your account is set up in.

Tripod Free Web Hosting

You are given 20MB for your web pages, 1 GB of traffic, Frontpage extensions, FTP access, and CGI-BIN access. CGI scripts on Tripod execute under a rather restrictive environment though, and most free CGI scripts you find on the Internet that deal with email will not work there. You get some choices as to to the advertising that displays on your site. Your URL will be http://members.tripod.com/yourname/, and most sites should be able to use a subdomain of the form http://yourname.tripod.com/ for their site (unless yourname clashes with one of their many reserved names). They also have an online site builder that allows you to design your website from your browser.

Tripod Free Web Host (UK)

Tripod (UK) provides you with PHP, MySQL, web statistics, FTP access (only for certain areas of the world - they block other countries), a site builder, a web-based FTP / file manager, 50MB disk space, unlimited traffic, unlimited file size, etc. The service is ad-supported. Your URL will be something like http://www.members.lycos.co.uk/yourname/.

Coolfreepages Free Web Host

This free web host provides you with 50 MB of disk space, FTP access, PHP4 (but without functions like mail(), phpinfo(), and the sockets functions), MySQL, .htaccess access, and free domain hosting. If you're not buying a domain name from them and want free domain name hosting you must upload your website onto their servers (for them to check) before they'll set up your domain on their name servers.

T35 Free Web Host

T32 gives your site 35 MB of space, FTP access, unlimited bandwidth, PHP (but with the mail() function disabled), Server Side Includes (SSI), and free domain name hosting or a subdomain name like yourname.t35.com (if you don't have your own domain). The largest file that you can upload to your account is 250 KB (ie, there is a file size limit). The host places pop-up ads on your website.

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