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Other Places to Submit Your
Web Page for FREE

Below is a list of other Website Submission Services on the Internet. The submission services are all FREE.

The drawback is that they submit your site in mass quantity, and whether your page will be received, accepted, and listed or not is suspect. However, if you have the time, feel free to try them. Our site which PERSONALLY HAND SUBMITS YOUR WEBSITE continues to provide the BEST chance at your website getting listed with the major engines, and is the LOWEST price on the internet at only $15.00!

  1. Add It!

  2. Add Me

  3. Easy Submit

  4. Submit Away

  5. JimTools.com

  6. Submit-URL.com

  7. 1, 2, 3 Add-It!

  8. EuroSubmit

  9. Be Seen.com

  10. Submit Side

  11. Bidding Board Submission Page

  12. Byte Search

  13. Post It 98

  14. Submit Express

  15. Postmaster Trial Submit

  16. Web Promote

You can use these sites to submit your pages to engines, but they are done in "robotic" manner, and most search engines do not give such submissions great emphasis. How can you make SURE the engines see YOUR Web page?

Use Our Cost Effective Submit Site Once Per Month (that's only 30¢ per day!)

In order to continuously rank well, your site must be continuously submitted to the search engines ON A REGULAR BASIS. Once is not enough. Of course you can submit yourself, but you may not have the time or the knowledge (it would take between 40 minutes and 3 hours to do the work we do for you).

Our work is unique. We PERSONLLY HAND SUBMIT your pages. No other service less than $20.00 does so, that we are aware of. Our work is done at "under minimum wage" cost! How? We have submitted so many times we have made it an "art" and can do it, probably 10-20 times faster than most users can.

EVERY PAGE you send us will be submitted BY A HUMAN BEING, with PERSONAL ATTENTION given to each detail. That's the only way to make a successful submission. If you have more than one page you want submitted, we can give you a discount for volume submissions. Just E-mail us and let us know how many pages you want to submit, and we will give you the multi-page discount within a day or two. If you would like us to proceed to submit your page twice to each of the major engines for only $15.00,CLICK HERE.

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