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Understanding How
Search Engines Work

Search Engines and Directories.

Understanding how Search Engines work is of prime importance if you want your Web Page to be found by viewers using them. There are two primary kinds of search engines (with many variations). They are:

  1. Search Engines - These engines use spiders to index web sites. When you submit your page to them, the engine spider visits your page and indexes your site. These spiders might find your page by accident, but the chance of that is slim, especially as the internet grows.

  2. Directories - These rely on submissions from users and website owners to populate their indexes. Most directiories will only add your home page to their directory, rather than indexing the full text of every page.

The Main Search Engines and types of service.

  1. Google - search engine (spider)
  2. Alta Vista - search engine (spider)
  3. Excite - search engine (spider)
  4. HotBot - search engine (spider)
  5. AOL DMOZ (Open Directory) - directory
  6. Lycos - search engine (spider)
  7. Info Highway - directory
  8. MSN Network - search engine (spider)
  9. Yahoo - directory (by fee in many categories)
  10. What U Seek - search engine (spider)
  11. Ask Jeeves - search engine (spider)
  12. Fast Search/All the Web - directory
  13. Starting Point - search engine (spider)

How Do Spiders and Robots Work?

A software spider is operated by a search engine that surfs the web just like people do. The difference is that the spider is unmanned and visits each website recording to its memory most of the words on each site, and the links to other sites which are on your page. It then clicks on a "link" to save your information, and proceeds to it's next visit.

The spider can read up to 400 pages on a site, but due to the size limitations of each, it cannot obviously index everything. A spider receives the essential parts of each page and forms a gigantic index which stores that information for viewers to retrieve.

Remember that the search engine knows who you are linked to, and who is linked to you! Many engines will increase your results as an indication of popularity if you are linked to by others.

From time to time search engines change their scoring systems, and stop rewarding for certain things. This keeps people from gaining unfair advantage as they learn the engines techniques. That is why you MUST submit your page to the engines on a regular basis.

Factors That Greatly Affect Your Web Page Relevancy

Basically, it is a "word" that will affect how you look to the search engine. Your page must contain "keywords" to be found, for when a viewer enters that "keyword" into the engine, if that word is prominent on your page, your page will appear. Also, "multiple" keywords can be important, so you need to remember that if a person is enters the words SMILING FACES, you need to have BOTH of those words on your site, or your page will score low.

The search engine will determine how relevant to, and how often the keyword(s) appears on your page. How well you organize your keywords into your site will determine how well you will be found. With that in mind, here are things that the spider will use to locate you in their engine when the keyword is entered by a user:

  1. The prominence of that keyword on your page
  2. The frequency of that keyword on your page
  3. How popular your page is (with links to and from others)
  4. The proximity of keywords to one another
  5. The placement of keywords on the page
  6. The "weight" of the keywords in relation to the total word count on the page

Factors That Do NOT Affect Your Rank in the Search Engines

There are factors that do NOT affect your ranking, and thus you need not worry about them. Here is a list:

  1. The size of your graphics
  2. The colors on your page (of text and backgrounds)
  3. The overall layout or design (excluding keyword placement and other relevant factors)
  4. Words that are graphics (if you have a graphic that says "click here", that will have no affect on your rankings)

We hope this information on search engines will make you able to place your page on the Internet in a most successful manner.

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